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Dropping in to say hello!

Hi everyone!  It’s midterms, and I’m swamped again!  :- ) 

Thanks to everyone who’s stopped by this week!  BW, I’m sooooo glad you are doing better! I appreciated your comments so much!

A couple of quick followups: 

I actually SAW a coyote in the woods behind my house this morning.  It was surreal, to say the least.  It was standing over by the log cairns that I built over my huskies’ graves (sweet Nikki and Nina, who passed away about three years ago).  Let me tell you that seeing a sillhouette of a canid, with large prick ears and a bushy tail, standing curiously next to the graves of my dogs was nothing short of seeing a ghost.  Completely eerie.  I called out to it, and it looked up at me, and then quickly turned tail and ran off into the woods.

I’m assuming it was a coyote, because if it wasn’t, then it really might be the ghost of Nikki coming back to check on me.

Which frankly would be just fine with me.  We were the closest of companions in life. 

What do you think?  Do faithful hounds come and look after their people from beyond the grave?  Or should I invest in some humane coyote traps?

 In other news, women gamers made the news today at CNN.   I thought the article was interesting, but as usual, the comments from the readers was even more so!  In fact, I have commented on my recent experiences at the end of the story.  If you check, you should see it there.

And one final note:  grandpa and I started the seedlings for the spring!  Cabbages, brocolli, and peppers!  I have some pictures to post, but no time right now to do it.  Since next week is spring break (yay!)  I’ll be spending a lot of time with grandpa separating the seedlings and getting ready to break ground.  Look for fewer World of Warcraft posts soon, and more gardening posts!  ;- )

Gotta run and finish lunch so I can get back to the grindstone!  Thanks for being out there in the aether!

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