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First day of fall

I think today is the first day of fall.  Not officially, not by the calendar. In fact, not even by the other calendar I live by – the academic calendar.

But today is the first day that really feels like fall.  The sky has cleared, the wind has started to blow the leaves from the trees. The temperature has dropped significantly.

The tomatos have mostly played out.  The greens are planted.  It’s the swan song of the gardening season.

When I look back, there were so many things I had wanted to be able to do this season.  So many things I wanted to try, to improve, to experiment with.    But my grandfather’s death sucked the wind out of my sails, and instead, I’ve been trying to keep up, just to keep my spirits and my energy up and get through the season.

It wasn’t the best year of gardening.  It wasn’t the best garden season.  It wasn’t the best season.  It wasn’t the best season of my life.

But it’s the change of seasons now. What will fall bring?

What will the cold of winter drive underground?

What spring forth anew in the warmth of spring?

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