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Valentine’s Day in Azeroth

I have often considered romantic getaways in exotic locales….tropical islands, Nordic chalets, Xanadu…the usuals.  Afterall, I love my husband, and I love travel, so what could be better?  But never in a million years did I consider the virtual realm of Azeroth to be the ideal Valentine’s Day excursion! 

Yes, true to old-married-people form, Tony and I spent the evening quietly at home…killing Kobold workers and members of the Defias Brotherhood.  And I finally got to see my man as every gal dreams of seeing her man….

Tall.  Strong.  Powerful.   With bulging muscles.  A gleaming suit of armor. 

And a bag full of money!

He rode up on a giant warsteed, whisked me off to distant lands, killed multitudes of creepy creatures that were threatening my life, gave me gifts of love and practicality (armor and bags for holding my loot). 

He sent me a love letter to the Red Lion Inn in Goldshire, gave me 15 gold pieces to spend however I like. 

He even made me a sexy dress using his own tailoring talents and his very own hands.

Well, not his hands precisely…..his character’s hands.

Which only leads me to ask…..Hey, Phred, you sexy level-70 Human Mage,  where have you been all my life?  Come here often?

I think I’m in love.  Don’t tell Tony…

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I am not kidding when I say that I have read about 35 articles on virtual learning environments and task-based learning this week.  Roughly, it translates into about two reams of paper, which I shameless sacrificed to the lesser gods of graduate school as an offering to avoid the eyestrain that comes from reading papers online. 

Also, it’s damned hard to wash the highlighter marks of the computer monitor…..

But when you think of me studying until late into the evening, this is how you should picture me, only I think I drool more than this kitten:

Humorous Pictures
moar humorous pics

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