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Thanks Emilie, for keeping up with everything!  I have been meaning to update this blog, but…well…the road to hell, and all that, may apply here.

I’ve been super, super busy.  I know that, as women in this modern age, we are all super-busy, but this has been busier than usual for me.  Let me enumerate:

1.  In April, I was taking two graduate classes, and finals week involved several big projects.  Then, on the spare evenings and weeekends, I gardened.

2.  As soon as school concluded and the students left for the break, I started teaching an evening class that meets for three weeks, every night from 4:30-7pm.  It’s been really fun and exciting, and you can see all about it at this blog site I created for my class.  So, as you can see, I’ve been two-timing the blogging community by building and keeping a separate blog.  Don’t worry, you’re still my first love.  Just consider us separated by wartime circumstances, and my whole absence seems a lot more romantic.  Oh, and on the weekends and some -mornings- before noon, I’ve been gardening.

3.  Speaking of wartime romances, my grandparents are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary today.  We had a -huge- party all day yesterday, that the women in my family have been planning for months.  Wonderful catering, two gorgeous cakes, decorations, big-band music,  dancing, and a video slideshow that you can see here.  But be warned: you will see many pictures of eTrish as a toothy little girl and teenager.  No virtual cheek-pinching, please.  Bonus:  You also get to see pictures of my grandfather as a handsome young soldier.  This is the man he is inside.  I love looking past the increasingly frail, 85- year-old exterior of my grandfather and seeing the vital, strong young man underneath.  [There’s also a picture of him knitting….I can’t get over it!]  Oh, and every spare moment, I gardened.

4.  I’m planning and developing two large studies this summer.  One is a  study in which ESL students in China communicate with US students using the virtual environment, SecondLife.  Coordinating technology on two continents in two opposite time-zones has been a challenge.  Interestingly, it had originally been planned that I would be in China right now conducting this study, but the finances fell through, for which I am eternally grateful.  I’d much rather be here right now, than in earthquake ravaged Chengdu. 

The other study is a student-generated virtual study-abroad experience in Guadelajara, Mexico utilizing portable multimedia hand-held tablet computers.  Got it?  ;- )  We’re just piloting it with two faculty members and five students this summer, but next year, I plan to have about 45 students generating GPS-coordinated multimedia on three continents.  Yes, I’m just that cool.  ;- )  [I’m also just that harried right now trying to pull it all together…]

5.  And in the meantime, I’m gardening.  As Emilie said, I’ve filled the greenhouse with seedlings just waiting to get out into the Georgia soil.  In the meantime, I’ve planted two rows of beans, two rows of cabbages, three rows of brocolli, on row of squashes, three rows of lima beans, and seven rows of peppers.  If the weather holds this weekend, I hope to get watermelons, tomatoes, cucumbers, and eggplant into the ground.  I’ve been fighting back the early incursion of Mexican bean beetles and cabbage lopers, too.  It’s been quite an endeavor.  Unfortunately, Grandpa hasn’t been feeling well lately, so it’s been up to me, almost entirely.  I’ve been down about it a bit, and feeling a bit overwhelmed, as though it’s all up to me to keep it going, but that’s another post entirely.  I have had a few friends out to help me plant, particularly Evan and Deb, and that’s been great.  If not for them, we couldn’t have gotten the five rows of peppers planted last Saturday before the deluge hit.  We’ve had almost 4 inches of rain in the last ten days, so we’ve not been able to do any planting since then. 

Well, that’s all I have time to post right now.  I have to grade papers for class tonight, and do some other work-related things.  I’ll try to post more regular updates. 

Fond regards to all my readers,





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Hi! Emilie hijacking the blog again.

Go here.  I saw her.  She lives.  We did stuff.

AND – IF you comment here, AND on Emilie’s Blogservations, we will enter you into a drawing for a jar of pepper jelly.  (Made fresh this season by eTrish, mailed by October by Emilie. – A joint venture into Blog Comments…)


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Hello?? HelllllOOOOOOO!?!?!   Is there anyone alive in here???

(Puffs at the dust and rubs index finger and thumb together suspiciously…)  Dusty here…

Little miss Ankle-Deep-In-Dirt’s been too busy to post lately, so I’m takin’ over.  There’s a new Sheriff in town, or at least a sneak thief with a password.

Did I ever tell you about Margot the Potter’s Daughter?  Trish has Carmen the Pirate Queen as her alter ego.  And my alter ego is Margot, who dreams of being cool enough to be Carmen’s sidekick.  Margot’s wondering why Carmen’s traded in the eye patch for patched overalls and has subleased the caravel to rent an old Ford tractor with a combine attachment, but she’s up for the adventure.  Heck, Margot will follow the Pirate Queen into the uncharted agricultural waters anytime, cause, man alive, when was the last time she had an original thought?  I mean, before Carmen, Margot’s biggest achievement was turning wet dirt on a wheel.

So, to make this post more zany and obscure, I shall update you:  I spoke with the Garden Goddess.  She’s out standing in her field, planting row upon row of fine veggies.  She’ll come up for air once the Spring planting is done.  She’s way dirty under the nails, but she’s having the time of her life.

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