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I thought I’d pop up for a little rarified air for a moment and let anyone out there who reads this know that I’m still alive.  My MIL has arrived, the shopping is done, the wrapping is done, the knitting is mostly done, the baking is…well, it will be a full day of baking tomorrow, but at least everything else is done.  I’m ready to cruise on into Christmas Day. 

And now that most of the knitted gifts have been distributed, I can show you what I’ve been working on!   Of course, you’ve already seen the Grandpa Hat, but I’ve been keeping the under wraps until Emilie opened her gifts.   

headbandsUsing this pattern from Craftgrrl, I made these headbands for my coworkers in the department.   They were great fun to do, and I have definitely added it to my repertoire of small handmade gifts.    The only thing I would recommend if you make these is that you are careful with the temperature of the iron when you block them.  I think I was a bit overeager and when I steamed one of them, it seemed to lose some of its elasticity.   I’m guessing it was a property of the yarn, probably the acryilic content.

Emilie’s giftSo, next I made additional headband for Emilie, in her favorite color of orange, with a matching pair of wristlets made from this pattern by Delia at wineandneedles.blogspot.com  They turned out really cute, and she looked splendid in them! So chic and characteristically Emilie!  I had actually latched onto this pattern initially for my grandmother’s gift, a set of these wristlets in pink.  She’s always cold, even in the house, and I thought these were the ideal solution to keep her hands warm while still allowing her to use her fingers.

I started a hat for my brother with this pattern, but it’s still on the needles.  In a fit of desperation, I drove out to Old Navy and bought him a shirt.  I guess he will be first on my knitted gift list next year!

 So, that’s what the Knitting elves produced this year, when they could get around the housecleaning elves and the baking elves.  Ooooh, wouldn’t that be lovely…a whole staff of house elves to help me get through the holidays!  Honestly, I’d be really good to them, Dobby!

If I don’t get a chance to post again before tomorrow, Merry Christmas to everyone! I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you through your blogs and your comments, and I’m sure the New Year will bring many warm exchanges and new (albeit online) friendships. 

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