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Oh, so busy!

Here we go, sliding through the month of November….holidays….family…knitting…finals…. papers….projects….and crazy student assistants!


But this year, I thik it’s going to be a bit better than usual.  I had a secret, runaway, loooong weekend at the beach with my loving husband! Yay!  I came back this week rested, refreshed, and feeling very capable of dealing with the stresses of the end of the semester.

I’ll tell you more about the mini-vacation, and more about the way the next six weeks are shaping up for me, but for now, I just wanted to log on and say


“I’m doing well!”

“I have two projects and a paper due, but it’s okay because I have outlines already!”

Honestly, in the middle of November, I couldn’t ask for much more. 

:- )

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