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Now that the students are back in class, my office is once again filled with the joyous hilarity of the Japanese Club.  Ever wonder what happened to the members of the Chess Club after high school graduation?  Apparently they came to my university and take Japanese.

Anyway, these students come to the lab every day, and I mean every day.  In fact, the Japanese students are the only students who are this dedicated to their language studies.  It must be because Japanese has a coolness factor of +7, while Spanish has a coolness factor of -3 on the UFLCS (Undergraduate Foreign Language Coolness Scale).  While they are here, they watch Japanese children’s television, particularly a show called Pythagora Switch, and a sitcom called Gokusen.

Pythagora Switch has a comedy pair that do a dance called the Algorithm March, and when it comes on, all the students jump up and start to join in, both singing the words and dancing.  What dorks!

Okay, actually, I have to confess that when I hear it coming on, I jump up, run out of my office, and do the Algorithm March with them.  Yeah, I guess I’m a dork, too.  [Did I ever mention that I minored in Japanese as an undergraduate before switching to Spanish…?  Yeah, well, there you go…I’m a certified member of Dorkville.]

 I love the kids in the lab, and honestly, the only thing that makes coming back to work after the holiday is to see them again.  At the risk of sounding trite, they are the reason I am here.

‘Cause, since I work at a state university, it certainly isn’t the big bucks that keep me here….  ;- )

To get a sampling of the sights and sounds on my language lab, click on the link below.  But be careful! It can be addictive!

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