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I’ve been avoiding this post, because it’s just too hard to write.  Emilie always says, “it’s not real until I write about it”, and maybe that’s why I’ve put it off so long, because I don’t want it to be real.

Three weeks ago today, my grandfather passed away suddenly.

See, when I say that, I can’t seem to follow up on it, because that one sentence says everything to me.

My grandfather passed away.

My grandfather passed away.

It’s so finite.

It still takes my breath away to even think it.

For the rest of the season I’m trying to bring in the harvest and plant in order to help supplement my grandmother’s income, but the truth is that I have to keep going.  As long as I’m in that dirt, on that tractor, in the potting shed, I can still feel my grandfather with me, and I know he sees me there, and I pray he’s proud of me.

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