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Hi.  I’m Trish’s secret identity, Evil Trish.  Trish couldn’t be here today to blog, since her WonderWoman cape has been slammed in the door once too many times.  In frustration, she’s threatening to hang herself with her Golden Lariat of Truth. 

Ah, it was such a clever plan of mine! I so carefully contrived everything in her day in order to let me usurp her place and rule with Evilness where once goodness had resided.  Doesn’t that “love your neighbor” thing get old after awhile?  She’s so sweet, and oh so very like a marshmallow sometimes!  But I can use that very mushiness of hers against her!

First, I observed how kind she was to loan a student a 2gb usb drive. And then he lost it!  Priceless!  First, she trusts in the goodness of all mankind, next thing you know she’s trying to recreate her conversational Spanish class for church.

Next, I convinced most of the students in the language lab that it would be okay to print anything they wanted, articles for all their economics classes, math textbooks in pdf form, etc.  Nevermind that there’s a posted policy against that sort of thing!  Nothing interrupts Trish’s day and makes her blood pressure rise faster than having to remind students with an overweaning sense of entitlement that the rules apply to them.  She hates have to switch from the role of Kind Mentor to Stern Enforcer.  What a softie!

Finally, I made her watch a videotaped lecture on open sourced course materials and the “cultural imperialism” of the academy.  Her eyebrows literally caught fire!  Few things get under her skin more than being told that she shouldn’t expect compensation for her intellectual efforts.  She thinks that’s a lovely view of the world, but can’t seem to get her creditors to agree to it, either. 

I’ve made such remarkable progress in getting her all tied up in knots today!  What can I do next?  Ask her for an instant media conversion favor….I tried that earlier, and she ducked that professor.  Curses! Foiled again!

So, if you have any ideas on how I can keep Trish frustrated, angry and intolerant today, just let me know, because in a few hours she’s going to get off work and go order seeds with her Grandfather.  When that happens, with the almost certain optimism and excitement of spring planting in the near future, I’m afraid I’ll be locked away again and sweet, kind, loving Trish will be back to blog.  Oh! The horror of it! 

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