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Okay, so I set up a blog for my best girlfriend Emilie (blogservations.wordpress.com) and SHE’S GREAT! Of course, I knew she would be, because everything about her is great, but especially her creative use of the English language. It’s so nice to check in with her once and awhile and see what’s happening in her life, and in her mind.

We have such different lives! She is a hard-working stay-at-home mom, shuttling between the grocery store, the playgroup, church meetings, and family events. And she finds a few minutes every day to collect her thougths, and blog. It’s amazing to me.

I shuttle myself physically between work and home, church and the family farm, and mentally between high-tech gadgets and language learning theory, to “what needs to happen this week in the garden”, and in between all this, the only time I seem to be able to woolgather is when I’m commuting or working in the garden. Either way, I’m nowhere near a computer. I always say to myself, “You’ve got to remember to write this thought/idea/feeling/observation down when you get a chance”, but I rarely seem to find the chance.

So, that’s why my personal blog sucks. ;- )

However, in order to share information with my family regarding the formation of our nonprofit foundation, I HAVE created an additional blog for the foundation, wgcarter.wordpress.com. Interestingly, I seem to update that blog everyday, adding information and photos of the garden and the land.

Maybe I just can’t get interested in myself. Maybe my self is wrapped up in other things right now. I don’t know.

I do know that, when I want a glimpse at a life full of interest, challenges, wit, and love, I can check into Emilie’s blog, and enjoy her world and her virtual company.

Love you, Emilie!

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