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Hello?? HelllllOOOOOOO!?!?!   Is there anyone alive in here???

(Puffs at the dust and rubs index finger and thumb together suspiciously…)  Dusty here…

Little miss Ankle-Deep-In-Dirt’s been too busy to post lately, so I’m takin’ over.  There’s a new Sheriff in town, or at least a sneak thief with a password.

Did I ever tell you about Margot the Potter’s Daughter?  Trish has Carmen the Pirate Queen as her alter ego.  And my alter ego is Margot, who dreams of being cool enough to be Carmen’s sidekick.  Margot’s wondering why Carmen’s traded in the eye patch for patched overalls and has subleased the caravel to rent an old Ford tractor with a combine attachment, but she’s up for the adventure.  Heck, Margot will follow the Pirate Queen into the uncharted agricultural waters anytime, cause, man alive, when was the last time she had an original thought?  I mean, before Carmen, Margot’s biggest achievement was turning wet dirt on a wheel.

So, to make this post more zany and obscure, I shall update you:  I spoke with the Garden Goddess.  She’s out standing in her field, planting row upon row of fine veggies.  She’ll come up for air once the Spring planting is done.  She’s way dirty under the nails, but she’s having the time of her life.

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