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Shhh…It’s Christmas Day

Well, just barely.  It’s about 1:15 am, and all is calm, all is bright. 

The cake baking has concluded, with today’s tally being a record four cakes in one day.  I started with a banana and sour cream bundt cake, then proceded to the sugar-free applesauce cake (for the diabetics in the family, of which we have manhy), then experimented with a chocolate pumpkin cake, and finally concluded with my favorite – the fresh fig cake.

Let me tell you about the fresh fig cake for a minute.  In our backyard, we have a wonderful fig tree.  I’m not sure what variety of figs they are, but if I had to name the cultivar, it would be the called the Omigosh-Those-Figs-are-Heavenly cultivar.  And plentiful. Last year I discovered that my jam-making speed could not compete with the tree’s fig-ripening ability.  In a moment of inspiration, I seized upon washing and slicing the figs, then freezing them in gallon bags.  Genius!  Now, instead of the delightfulness of fresh figs lasting for only three weeks in the heat of summer, I can enjoy “fresh” figs throughout the year.  Which led to more leisurely discovery of an old Southern recipe for Fresh Fig cake. 

If you have never had a fresh fig cake, I’m ever so sorry to have to tell you that you have perhaps missed the most…delightful…cake that ever there was.  I know I’ve used delightful twice in the last four sentences; I just can’t stop myself!  When I compared all the possible adjectives for fig cake – scrumptious, yummy, rich, delicious, flavorful, etc, etc – they just seemed inadequate to describe it.  It’s like sugared summer.  It’s like….twirling in circles on the green grass.  It’s just delightful

When the baking was completed, Tony and I and our nephew attended a late Christmas Eve service, and that’s when the most peaceful moments of the evening were encounted.  After all the activity of gearing up for the guests and the festivities of the season, I bowed my head in prayer, raised my voice in song, and turned my heart to the birth of my Savior. 

And like the figs, I need to find a way to preserve this seasonal fruit throughout the year.

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