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Sorry I haven’t posted anything in awhile!  I’ve been more than a little preoccupied this week.  Besides knitting until all hours of the morning, trying to set a world record for the most knitted gifts produced in a week, and baking cookies, I’ve also been steeling myself for…

…Mother-in-Law Visit 2007.   Coming to a small house this Friday.

Okay, coming to my house this Friday.   Between you and me, I’m a nervous wreck.  I don’t dare let her know how we really live day-to-day; I don’t think she’d appreciate just how much personal time school takes up in the evening, leaving little time for domesticity and the labor that accompanies it.

And really, why can’t three ring binders, notebook computers, photocopied articles,  and textbooks be considered just as classy and decorative as, say, faux antique china figurines?  All the best interior designers work around an established theme, afterall.  Let’s just say that my theme is “Absentminded Professor” and leave it at that.   When we look at it in that regard, I’m like a DIY genious!

What other decorating themes apply?  Well, when I’m not in school, I like to decorate liberally with yarn, pulling out different cones and skeins of yarn and arranging them in colorways to find my next inspiration.  And textile arts tools are ever so rustic and decorative.  Oh, what’s really charming is the way that  I leave pattern books open to pattern drafts all over the house.  It really gives the whole house a “frozen in textile art consideration” theme.  Let’s call it “Indecisive Erstwhile Artist”.

But fortunately, I don’t have to rely on my interior artist talents to keep my home unique and individual; my pets are all talented decorators in their own right! Abby works in an eclectic Jackson Pollack technique called “Squeaky Toys Everywhere”, in which she flings colorful toys on the canvas of our happy home, while Alys has a particular penchant for a style she calls “Hey, I Was Laying on That.”  [Like most cats, her themes tend to border on the meglomaniacal.]  Our only male child, Oliver Cat, has a surprisingly effective hairball decoupage technique, while our oldest child, Lia Lou Kitty, takes after her mom as an accomplished fiber artist, leaving felted cat hair products on all surfaces.

So you see, it’s not that my house doesn’t have any style; we’re long on style as long as that is either “Preoccupied Grad Student” or “Pet-tacular”.   But I’m afraid my MIL will be looking for something a bit more…..conventional.

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