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My lesbian fashion-sense

flannel shirts
It’s my favorite time of the year – sunny and cool, which I affectionately call the Flannel Season. Oh, how I do love flannel! And I love plaid, too! And they come together in the fall to form the most perfect fashion conjunction ever imagined, the plaid flannel shirt.

Say it with me now……..plaid…….flannel…….shirt. It even feels comforting just to say the words, doesn’t it?

I have a rather large collection of said shirts, in many colors, some smaller and fitted, others voluminous and worn. Some I bought. Some, I inherited from my mother (who thinks that plaid flannel shirts make her look fat, but only decided this after buying about 20 of them), and some of my favorites I actually inherited from my grandfather. My plan was to make a Grandpa Flannel Shirt Quilt to snuggle up with, but since I haven’t gotten around to it yet, I just wear the shirts around.

And the weather really broke this week, and we started having our first few cool snaps. So out came the flannel!

Imagine my surprise, therefore, when a friend of mine from work (who happens to be a lesbian) said, “Um, Trish, are you sure you don’t bat for the other team?”

Excuse me? I gave her a puzzled look.

“The flannel shirt, hon. I mean, in the Southeast, jeans, comfortable shoes and a plaid flannel shirt are sort of a lesbian uniform. When I went to the Northwest, everyone wore flannel, so I was confused about who was a lesbian and who wasn’t, but down here, mostly it’s the lesbians that wear the flannel work shirts.” Then she gave me a little wink and said, “it’s really doing it for me!” [We kid around all the time, so it doesn’t bother me at all. If it’s true, I’m flattered; if it’s not, I’m still flattered!]

She did reassure me, though, that I “fem up the look with the jewelry and the mascara”. I was so surprised to hear that I was giving off lesbian vibes in my comfy shirt! I mean, if anything, the flannel appeals to my very feminine side, you know, the soft, warm, and snuggly side.

Long live the flannel shirt, the comfy shoes, and the blue jeans! I think they all go equally well with my tractor-driving, country hiking, diamond-and-perfume-wearing, husband-lusting self!

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