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Tomorrow, I will celebrate my 40th Birthday!  Yay! I’m pleased and proud.  No, really, I am!  As my grandfather says, growing older sure beats the alternative.   He also says that any day you wake up on this side of the dirt is a good day.  :- )

Anyway, I’m pleased and proud, but not feeling particularly festive about it.  I am  not feeling like having a party, although I would like to go out to a honkytonk and drink margaritas and dance to country music.  When people ask me what I want for my birthday, the most exciting thing I can think of is gardening  books and new Carhartt workpants for the season.  Maybe a new garden hat would be nice.

Along that vein, Tony gave me  a beautiful Gerber knife for my 40th that will be extremely helpful in the garden!  I love it!  It’s the first really practical knife I’ve ever had and I’ve already put it to good use.

I had hoped that 40 would be more inspiring.  Somewhere in my imagination I had pictured 40 with a trip to Vegas or something more monumental, but in the end, it will probably be a much quieter affair.  Dinner with the folks.  An evening with Tony.

Hopefully I will feel more inspired about the next 48 years than I do about the next 48 hours.  Honestly, I can’t even seem to work up any hoopla at all.

Phooey.  I was hoping to meet my inner wild-child.  Maybe next year…

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