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I am very sad this week.  Tuesday night, Lia failed to come home at her customary time of 10pm.  She is (was?) a cat of routine, and we could always count on her showing up at the front door at 10pm, wanting to come inside for the night. In fact, she had Abby trained to let us know that she was waiting for us.  And even though we told her so many times that the coyotes might get her, she still insisted, in no uncertain terms, on wandering around the property.


I think that she sees (saw?) herself as a cat with the heavy responsibility of keeping our home free from chipmunks and volls, and nearly every day she would bring us some trophy.

I’ve hunted through the woods, called and called, and still there’s no sign of her.  I suppose that there being no sign of her should give me some hope, but she was a small cat and coyotes don’t exactly have delicate table manners.

I tried for years to keep her indoors, and she was an indoor cat until about 6 years old, but she was BY GOLLY going to go outside!  I can’t tell you the number of times we [inadvertently] slammed her head in the door trying to get in and out of the house without letting her dash by us.  I think that her odds were about fifty-fifty that either the coyotes would get her, or we would kill her with the door.  And if we actually succeeded in thwarting her escape….well…we had better not have left any laundry on the floor or she would get even with us…

I haven’t completely given up hope, but two days of no cat-sightings is not very encouraging.

So I keep calling, and praying, and hoping, and bracing myself.


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