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Okay, maybe that should read, I have cool friends all over the place! 

I’d like you to meet my friend, Georges.  Georges has the sexiest last name ever, since he comes from Louisiana.  It just makes me think of gumbo and zydeco music. [If you email me privately, I’ll tell  you what it is, but I don’t want to give out personal info on my website like that.  But trust me….sexy.]  That, right there, is enough to make him cool.

Right now, he’s in Texas, where he is the Language Center Director at a college in Houston.  That, right there, is enough to make him a +4 on the coolness scale.

He also is a great deal of fun, and brings his own margarita mixer to conferences.  Now, we’re up to a +7 on the coolness scale.

He looks a lot like Elvis Costello.  Cool +10.

And he didn’t criticize my driving in Boston.  Cool +12.

 But that’s not what makes him really cool.  He’s also a great person, and he’s walking in the Houston Area Aids walk.  I think that makes him Cool +16,324, at least!

 If you can, hop on over and meet him in all his funky coolness, and if inclined, please support him in this important cause. 

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How is it possible that three different people can disturb me during my lunch, and each of them say, “sorry to bother you while you’re eating lunch, but….”


If you see I am eating, Don’t disturb me.

Sheesh.  I’m trying to eat here, and do other important things…

like updating my blog…..

…and reading my friends’ blogs, too….

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Hello friends!  As you may know, I keep two primary blogs: this one, and Blessed are the Barren, my blog about my experiences with infertility.  I keep the two separate because not only do I not think that everyone who loves me wants to hear all the time about the struggles that infertility brings me, I also don’t want this blog to be overwhelmed by my infertility!

But I just wanted to remind you, because if you check back here, you may not see an updated post everyday, but that doesn’t mean I’m not posting on the other site. 

If you are wondering what I’m thinking, it may not be here, it may be over there.  Because, honestly, some days, that’s just where my head is.

I’ll be back to post over here soon, just as soon as I get my thoughts together, and maybe I’ll tell you the story about how I embarked on a life of violent crime in the eighth grade.

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