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Today was the first sunny, non-frozen, weekend day in a long while, so I went out to my grandfather’s and gardened some.  At first I had just planned on picking some turnips for myself, but then I saw that the collards were so pretty, so I picked a few of those.  And then I checked on my radishes, and they were pretty, too, so I picked some of those.  Then I went to look at my spinach, and it was pretty, too, so I picked some of that, too, and by then, my bag was full.

But it was a nice day, and I hadn’t gotten my hands dirty in such a long time, that I decided to go ahead and weed the wild verbena out of the spinach row.  For the next two hours I carefully pulled weeds from around my thriving spinach plants, and enjoyed precious time thinking to myself.

As I was thinking, I was overwhelmed by the perfection of God’s timing, particularly when it comes to leafy green vegetables.  Let’s start by agreeing that leafy green vegetables are essential to our health and proper nutritional intake.  Don’t even think about disagreeing with me on this, and I don’t really care how much you dislike brocolli, even if you are the President of the United States. 

Now, consider for a moment, the seasonal rotation of vegetables.  What? You didn’t realize that vegetables don’t grow consistently throughout the year? Well, that’s not hard to believe,  since we live in a society where our grocery store shelves are constantly stocked with vegetables, regardless of the season  It may not have occured to you that not all leafy green vegetables grow at the same time. 

However, in the growing calendar there is not a time of the year in which leafy green vegetables of one sort or another are not growing; ergo, the body has a consistent source of leafygreenvegetableicin, or whatever the vitamins are in leafy green vegetables. 

It’s Divine planning at its most elegant!  It’s like God said to himself, “Hm, if I’m going to create a creature that requires leafy green vegetables in order to thrive, I had better make sure that there is a supply of leafy green vegetables throughout the whole year.”  God’s good like that, you know? Such good thinking-ahead…although…since He is omniscient and exists outside of time, can it be considered thinking-ahead?….but I digress.

There I was, in the garden, thinking how sad that the snow wilted all the turnip greens and mustard greens, but delighting in the hearty collard greens and the spinach, and looking forward to starting the brocolli seeds in a couple of weeks.   In my joy the thought sprung into my mind:  God gave us turnip greens for the fall, and spinach for the winter.

Sometimes my faith is very simplistic and childlike, but maybe that’s when my faith is at it’s finest.

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