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A sic tummy…I haz it.

Today I’ve had three classes in the lab, which is challenging on ANY day. One of the classes was the lowest-level of English as a Second Language, which means that these dear students, so eager and excited to be improving their English language skills, didn’t understand a word I said.

And of course, they all nodded their heads in agreement when I asked, Do you understand the instructions?

And then they all nodded their heads in agreement when I asked, Do you need help?

And then they sat there, obligingly, blinking-ly, when I told them to go ahead and start their recordings.

Bless them.

Usually I’m up to the challenge of the limited-English students. Today, however, my tummy is troubling me. Not enough to stay home like my friend Evan, did (Hi Evan! We’re sending the truant officer after you!), just bad enough to make me stoopid and overwhelmed in the face of communication barriers.

At the moment, I’m hiding in my office. I don’t want to talk to the students. I don’t want to answer their questions. I love each of them dearly, but right now, I just want to eat my oatmeal for lunch and veg out.

Here’s what I’ve managed to accomplish during my lunch break.

First, I checked the LoLCats site to get my daily chuckle. While there, I created my own LoLCat image.

Then I checked all the blogs I normally read, and a couple of others. That took awhile.

While on a friend’s blog, I saw her little banner that asked “Which Austen heroine are you?” I don’t normally do these things, but today I did. It seems that…

I am Elinor Dashwood!

Take the Quiz here!

Now, a part of me wanted to copy that little bit of html and put it on my sidebar, announcing to all the world that I AM ELINOR DASHWOOD, when it it occured to me that…. I’m not.

I’m just not Elinor Dashwood.

We may share many of the same qualities, but Elinor Dashwood didn’t spend the last three hours talking very slowly, using small words, and trying to untangle the mysteries of computer usage without actually using any current computer jargon for a mixed group of international students. Instead, Elinor Dashwood entertained a small group of closeknit friends and neighbors while discussing philosophy, manners, and the local gossip.

Elinor Dashwood did not wake up this morning, bolt down a cup of coffee during a long commute to her office. Elinor Dashwood probably had eggs and country toast for breakfast, with a jot of tea, before going out to the garden or completing her housekeeping tasks.

Elinor Dashwood will not go home tonight and prepare a presentation on project management in eLearning before falling into the bed. Elinor Dashwood will probably drink sherry in the parlor and read quietly for pleasure or do needlework while someone plays the pianoforte and reads poetry to her.

So, where’s that little bit of html code that will actually make me Elinor Dashwood? That’s what I want to know….

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