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Napping on a cold day

Animals really know how to live.  They eat.  They play.  They nap.  They are happy doing all those things, but even happier when their busy humans join them in their daily activities.

Today, while staying in from the cold and knitting the second sock, I issued an invitation to my pets.  Well, actually, I sat on the sofa and covered up with a warm blanket, but of course, they saw it as an invitation to join me on the sofa and proceed with the napping portion of their day.

Here’s Abby and Lia, curled up and sound asleep. That’s me under the blanket.

Nap 1

Obviously, Lia got the choice seat next to Mommy.  Lia is not the kind of kitty to keep all the joy and love to herself though! She’s more than happy to “pay it forward”, as seen here where she spreads a little love Abby’s way.

Nap 3

Naargarph….” says Abby, as she rolls over to snuggle Lia even closer.  Hey, Lia, is that close enough?  I bet you’re feeling warm now, squeazed in between Mommy and Abby.  Actually, she looks pretty comfortable….

nap 5

Now that’s what “sisterly affection” looks like in our house!

nap 6

Awwww….the feline kissing and hugging continues!  When you see love like this, suddenly you believe that peace on earth is achievable as long as there are warm blankets for everyone.

Nap 7

What’s the matter, Abby?  Is this too much kitty love for you?  Hey, where are you going?  Soon, Abby moved to the end of the sofa where she could get her nap on in peace.  Napping is serious business, not to be interrupted by grooming.

Abby naps alone

And all the while, Oliver does his best impression of The Neutered Prince and the Pea.  It was just too crowded on the sofa, anyway…

oliver’s nap

Is it any wonder that I didn’t leave the house all afternoon?  Nope, I stayed warm and cozy in my own little cocoon of peace.  I hope your Sunday afternoon was as restful and peaceful as mine.



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