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Well, just in case you thought I had fallen down in my pursuit of wooliness, I wanted to give you an update on Sock-It-To-Me-2008!

first sockUsing the basic sock pattern found in Learn to Knit Socks!, I have successfully completed my very first sock!  I even dared to alter the pattern a (very) little by making the ankle a bit longer.  Well, ten rows longer, be exact, so that it would be more of a boot sock and less like an ankle sock.  And it really, really works!  I immediately tried in on, and in doing so welcomed it into the reality that is my life at home: a thousand pet hairs.

sock againHere I am modelling my new sock.  It fits perfectly, and is exceptionally wooly!  In this picture, you can not only see the completed blue wool sock molding itself to my comely foot, but you can also view my fashionable polar fleece pajamas, so heralded of late!  Abby may look like she’s disdainful of my new knitted creation, but really, what she’s saying is…

“Mommy!  Your sock is so beautiful I must turn away in shame!  If only I had opposable thumbs with which to create such wonders, but alas, I am resigned to chasing cats and making my toys squeak in order to preserve my canine self-esteem.”

Well, maybe I exaggerate a bit…really, she’s just turned her head to chase Alys around the dining room table.  Her life is complete without arts and crafts projects, unless you count tearing empty toilet paper rolls into little bits of wet cardboard a craft….

next sockNow, all I need to do is finish a second sock to accompany the first!  Why, wait! What have we here….? I do believe it’s the first four rows of the mate to this sock.  Ah, I love knitting on a snowy day!  Almost as much as I love polar fleece.  But not as much as I love Abby.

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My morning…


Good morning!  It’s 11 am on Saturday and I’m proud to say I’ve been out of bed exactly seventeen minutes!  How luxurious!  I had all three cats and Abby cuddled up against me, warm and furry, and I just didn’t see any reason to get out into the cold.

Tony is still away at a men’s retreat for church, but he should be home in about an hour.

But for now, it’s just me, the critters, and The Dog Whisperer

Snow fallingWhen I woke up I could still hear the sleet and the rain, but the precipitation has now transitioned into sofly falling snowflakes accumulating on my deck and roof.  It’s just lovely……

What makes the whole thing even lovelier is that I’m still sitting here in my polar fleece pajamas, drinking coffee out of a ceramic coffee cup without a travel lid.  I haven’t enjoyed coffee out of a real cup since school started back, and it’s this tiny detail that conveys to me in a whisper don’t hurry yet, you have nowhere to go….

Thank you, critters, for keeping me warm and snuggly in bed this morning. 

Thank you, pajamas, for being soft and comforting.

Thank you, Father, for sending the beautiful snow falling in the woods around my peaceful home.

And thank you, coffee mug, for keeping me moving slowly this morning.

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why is my house littered with toys?

Pets, like children want your attention almost all the time.  Abby will clean out her toybox trying to find the one toy that will entice me to stop working on the computer and play with her.  So this evening, when I looked down on the floor next to my chair, here’s what I saw.

Abby’s toys

From the top left to right, the cast of Abby’s favorite characters are 1) Teddy Bear, 2) Squeaky Squirrel, 3) Squeaky Puppy, 4) pajama pants tug toy, 5) Quacky Duck, 6) Chewy Bone, 7) Squeaky Cow.  At the base of her feet in the upper right of the corner is toy #8, Squeaky Shark.

Yes, in the course of an hour or so, Abby pulled out these toys and brought them over to my place at the table.

Play with me!Eventually, Abby gave up and tried to convince Oliver to play with her, instead.  Apparently, he’s not as attracted to the computer.  Unfortunately, he’s also not very attracted to Squeaky Shark.

“Hey, Oliver….want to play with my Squeaky Shark?”

“Ew, dog….that toy smells like dog breath! No way!  Besides, I’ve got all these magazines to read…”

Poor Abby.  I should post this message now and go play with her.  Afterall, she’s brought me all these great toys!

[And it’s really going to snow tomorrow!]

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