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When I got home last night, there was a thin veneer of snow on the ground and about a half inch of snow on my picnic table and deck, with more snow falling in big, fluffy flakes.

By the time I changed out of my clothes and into my polar fleece pajamas, the snow had changed to sleet and the previously soft sound of snow falling changed to tiny pellets of rain tapping on my windows and roof. 

But despite the gloomy forecast of cold rain, my hope never quite subsided.  Afterall, it might be raining and 33 degrees where I live, but maybe, just maybe, it was snowing and 31 degrees north of Atlanta.  And maybe, just maybe, that would be enough to make the powers-that-be at my university decide to call it a snow day.

And I let my hope run away with my reason for just a little bit, spending the evening cleaning the house and taking down the last of my Christmas decorations instead of reading my chapters for class tonight.  Maybe, just maybe, class would be cancelled on account of inclement weather…

Before we went to bed last night, Tony asked me if I’d like pancakes or French toast for breakfast, since I’d be home all day.

But in the end, I ate my usual peanut butter and marmelade sandwich for breakfast during my rainy commute into the city.

That’s the heartache of 33 degrees and rain.  It’s almost snow.  But just isn’t snow.  And it washes away your Just Maybe Snow Day.

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