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Praying for a Snow Day

I know, I sound like a kid when I say that, but I’ll make you a deal:  If you all pray that I get a snow day tomorrow, I promise to write at least two blog posts!

Tony just called me to say it’s snowing in our town, but he used the words, “heavy flurry”, which means it’s just a snow flurry.  Come on guys! We’re going to need stronger snow-mo-jo than that to keep me off the highways and at home tomorrow!

To me, snow days are God’s way of saying, “You work hard all the time! Stay home and eat french toast this morning in your polarfleece pajamas! Read a book, knit, watch a movie, whatever you want to do will be fine! Afterall, Trish, you’re from Georgia and you don’t know how to drive in the ice and snow anyway, so you should just stay put, all cozy and warm.”

Are you with me here?  Remember in Peter Pan, when Peter tells all the little children to clap their hands so that Tinkerbell will live?  That’s what I’m calling for here!  Everyone, repeat after me:

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Thanks guys!  You’re the best!

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