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Really, I am.  I’ve got at least five blog posts ready to go, if I can only get a moment to sit down and reflect on what I’ve been thinking recently.  But I haven’t had that opportunity yet!

It’s like when you and your best friend embark on an exercise program and you think it’s going to be a great way to spend some girlfriend time together, but then you realize that you can’t actually carry on a conversation while you’re panting for breath and trying to keep up.  That’s what I’ve been like the last two weeks.  I’m trying to keep up with life, and my mind and heart want to keep up with my thoughts and my friends, but I’m just too out of breath!

 And now I’ve got to get back to work.  In the time I sat down to write this little blog post, I’ve been interrupted four times.  Three times by faculty, and once by a student who wanted me to chart out her future for her.  Sweetheart, I can’t even seem to get a grip on my next fifteen minutes! 

But I will leave you with this little thought from my commute in to work this morning:  I get to see a lot of different trucks on the highway as I’m coming in, and I  have a nagging curiosity to know exactly what is in that truck?  What is that thing on the back of that flatbed?  What mysteries might that trailer contain?  [Actually, for those of you who know me personally, you know that I have a nagging curosity about anything and everything.]  So today, I’m driving along, reading the logos and the company names on the trucks, and I read one that still has me stumped.  The company’s name was Precision Pinestraw. 

Precision Pinestraw?  What exactly is precise about anything to do with pinestraw?  I’ve done my share of spreading pinestraw in my time, and I have to admit that it’s really just a whole lot of dumping and roughly arranging it with as little precision as possible.  Can you order precisely 4,578,294 needles of pinestraw?  Will they arrive at precisely 4:38 on a Tuesday?  What on earth could they possibly be referring to when they laud their business as precise?

The linguist that I am nearly had apoplexy this morning trying to figure this one out. 

Which means it’s time for me to move on to a much less pensive, and more routine task, such as duplicating tapes.

[Oh, for the record, the printer finally came to life on Friday morning.  I was greatly relieved, and the students agreed to put away their pitchforks and torches for now and stop threatening the lab staff.]

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