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Hi everyone.  Ya’ll still hanging with me?… ’cause I gotta admit that just knowing you all out there in the blogosphere has developed into quite the warm fuzzy blanket of comfort during a hectic first week of the semester.

Not that things are bad here.  In many ways, it’s been a very encouraging start to the semester, as my returning student assistants have jumped in with at least one foot, and I’m covered up in new student assistants, which is very promising for the rest of the year.  However, new students also mean new trainings, new questions, new challenges.  It’s only Wednesday, but I already feel like I’ve put in a full week of running around after them, in addition to fulfilling faculty requests, coordinating workshops, and duplicating media.

What I really didn’t need was for the media server to act up, and for the printer to decide to summarily ignore all print requests in the print queue.  I keep waiting for some kind of unreasonable ransom request:  “You’ll get your print jobs when I receive a gold-plated network card and three svelt, scantily-dressed Scandinavian women to gently grease all my gears…”  [When I hear the printer in my head, it’s definitely got the attitude of a chauvenist pig.  I’m really starting to hate this printer….]

So with the running around and the general freneticness of a new semester, I find that I don’t really have the mental energy to deal with the tech problems, and still be gracious to the students and faculty.  I mean, I’m multitalented, but I’m not a saint!  A girl’s got her limits. 

But moving right along…

I don’t really have anything terribly witty to say tonight.  At first I thought, “Trish, don’t write if you don’t have anything witty to say.”  I went with that for awhile.  But then I decided that, in case it takes me a few days to get back into blogging, at least you’d know that I’m not dead…

 I’m just locked in tense hostage negotiations with an HP network printer.

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