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January 7th is Distaff Day.  As a fiber artist with a fondness for medieval history, I can tell you that Distaff Day is the first day after Epiphany, or the Twelve Days of Christmas, and is the traditional time for women to put aside the holiday activities and get back to their spinning and weaving. 

Occasionally January 7th falls on Monday, and then it coincides with Plough Monday, the first Monday of the year and the traditional time when farmers return to their plows after the holidays and begin to prepare for the spring.

I don’t know about you, but for me, these two days falling together are about the equivalent of two planets converging to cause a powerful multidimensional disturbance.  As both a fiber artist and an erstwhile agriculturist, both these traditions have significance for me.  It’s time to assess my projects, it’s time to order my seeds for the spring, and it’s time to take the rototiller in for service before the first plowing begins.

Here’s the kicker: tomorrow, January 7th is also the first day of the semester at my university, which means that the language lab, which I attempt to manage with poise and efficiency, will be chaotic, and my students, just back from the long vacation, will be contributors to the chaos.  In addition, as a doctoral student, my classes also start tomorrow. 

Okay, world, I get it!  Enough with the cosmic hints!  The vacation is over…it’s time to get back to work.

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