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The plot thickens…

Phase 2 of the Great Sock Plan for 2008 has been completed!  I went to the yarn store today…

…and it was missing.  Yes, the whole yarn store.  Either they packed up and left unannounced, or I invented a yarn store in that particular area of town.  Unfortunately, the odds are that I invented it.  But one way or another, there is no specialty yarn store in my town.

Sock Phase 2Not to be discouraged, I went to JoAnn’s, and this is what I came up with.  Everything for knitting was on sale at the store, so I felt perfectly justified in purchasing an appropriate skein of wool yarn for making bulky socks, three sets of aluminum (ick – note to self: buy more bamboo dpns at the earliest opportunity) double-pointed knitting needles, and two “intro to socks” books.

 I found two books that I thought would be useful.  The first is aptly titled Learn to Knit Socks, and the straightforward sock book 1title of the book inspired me to confidently proclaim, “Yes! I can learn to knit socks!”  Frankly, you’d be surprised how much cheerleading takes place in the aisles of craft stores….

The second book is more artfully titled, Pull Your Socks Up! and is published by the good folks who make Patons yarns.  I’m going to knit a pattern or two out of the first book before moving on to the second one.

So, now I’ve assembled most of the elements of the Sock-it-to-Me-in-2008.  All that I lack is time….and thankfully, one of my very favorite knitting opportunities is going to arise tomorrow: college football! 

Go Dawgs! Sic ’em! Woofwoofwoofwoofwoof! 

The Georgia Bulldogs are in the Sugar Bowl tomorrow, so I’ll have about 4 straight hours to knit. 

Isn’t it wonderful when all the elements of nature align just so?

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