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Please send knitting needles…

After a frantic period of knitting projects for others this year, and the realization that I haven’t knitted anything for myself in about two years, I have decided to dedicate this year of knitting to me.  [Now I’m sure you’re all convinced that I’m on a narcissistic freefall into Egoville…] 

It all started with my sock drawer.  Or maybe it was my washing machine.  Perhaps it was the dog…Regardless, I seem to have fewer socks than I used to have.  I definitely have fewer pairs of socks, with some of my favorite fluffy socks so sad and mateless in the sock drawer, pining away for the unlikely return of their sole mate.  

Now, fluffy socks, with thick yarn, are my very favorite type of sock.  Some people call them boot socks, but for me there are no other socks, so I just call them socks.  When I say “socks” I mean thick, wooly, slouchy, warm saaaw-haaawkssss.  White, generic hosiery that comes six-to-a-bag for $5 at WalMart need not apply, and will be given no consideration.  Fie on you, feckless footwear!  You are a disgrace to knitted toe-warmers everywhere.

Ahem.  Sorry about that rant.

Anyway, the boo-hooing of the mateless socks in my sock drawer has started to keep me up at night.  I’m almost afraid to go in there each morning….which pair of brown Fair Isle socks will have recieved the dreaded “Dear Lefty” letter in the last wash? While I was out Christmas shopping this year, I searched for socks that would meet my requirements, but found surprisingly few.  I asked my family to give me socks as a gift, but they just laughed at me, as if I had said something comical.  What crazy person, afterall, would request socks for Christmas? Socks are traditionally the “I don’t know you well enough to get you something meaningful” gift, not the object of Christmas desire.  It was just too unlikely a request for my family to take seriously.

No socks in drawer. 

No socks in store. 

No socks under tree. 

No socks for me!

And suddenly, two days after Christmas, a stroke of genius occurs to me!  Let’s do the math together: 

Knitting knowledge + yarn + needles + pattern = socks!

Okay, it’s not really an original thought, and if I’d really been a genius, I would have embarked on sock knitting long before now, but I’ve done most of my knitting for other people that it honestly had never occured to me to look to my own knitwear deficiencies as a source of inspiration. 

So here’s the plan:  This year, I will learn how to knit socks.  I will knit socks for myself out of decadent yarns that will make my feet feel like royalty. I will buy funky colors as well as traditional colors. 

It feels good to have a plan.  It will feel even better to have new socks! 

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