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The Grandpa Hat

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m frenetically knitting gifts for my family this year.  On Friday, while I was home with a bug, I managed to finish the largest of the gifts, a hat for my grandfather.

Grandpa Hat

It’s just a hat.  A dark green wool cabled hat, and honestly, it seems so inadequate.  Given the option and the ability, there’s nothing I wouldn’t give this man.  We’ve shared so much this year since I’ve been gardening with him, and I’ve learned important truths about my family, my grandparents, and myself.  How do you recognize that kind of relationship? What kind of gift says “Thank you for showing me so much about life this year”? 

If I could, I would repair his tractor for him, to make it shine and purr like it did when it was new so that he could see it that way again.  If I could, I would buy him an entire library of books on cd so that he could “read” again, despite his debilitating blindness.  If I could, I would take him to Alaska, a place he always wanted to see, and never could.

But I have to be content that I’ve done what I could, and hope that it conveys the depth of feeling I have for  him.  I’ve spent my time working with him, learning from him, listening to him.  I’ve learned to value the things he values, whether it’s the working of hands or the working of minds. 

And I knit him this small hat to keep his head warm when he walks his dogs.  So small.  So inadequate.  How can I let him know that with each stitch in the hat I was thinking of him?  That this hat is more than yarn and time and technique, but also composed of love, and prayers, and thanksgiving, and appreciation? 

I can’t tell him that, not out loud, but I can pray that he knows, that maybe he can sense that the warmth on his head is in some small way, the warmth of my heart.

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