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Holy smokes, make my head stop hurting!  I’ve had a headache for four days, which means it’s probably the annual “End of the Fall Semester Sinus Infection”.  Sigh.  It happens the same way every year.  The Fall semester is long, tedious, and exhausting, and I eagerly look forward to the end of it so that I can recover and get my house (and my life) back in order.   But the late nights writing papers and studying for final exams take their toll, and rather than feeling freed to enjoy the break, I end up with a sinus infection and a cranky disposition. 

Speaking of cranky, I’m -way- behind on my knitting for Christmas gifts.  I’m either going to have to come up with an alternative plan, or go shopping for knitted things, cut the tags off, and try to pass them off as my own work.  The first idea conflicts with my own internal locus of control, the second one with my qualms about lying.  Maybe what I’ll do is send a yarn sample and a photocopy of the pattern to everyone I’m knitting for, and tell them to look for their gift sometime in March or April…

Just what everyone wants: Warm, knitted things just in time for Spring thaw….

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