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The Tilling Fields

Thanks to my friend and personal photojournalist, Evan,  I have some pictures to post from Saturday’s frenzied pre-rainy-Sunday tillingfest

Trish in the greens 1Here’s a picture of me in the [decimated] collard greens.  Notice the lovely fall colors of the oak trees.  Also, notice the row directly to the right of the frame.  See how lovely and weed-free it is, all that fresh, red Georgia soil?  By the time I was finished that day, all the rows looked like that.  During active picking in the greens field, we don’t till between the rows because it just makes for muddy feet and angry greens customers, so the weeds and grass tend to fill the spaces between the rows.  During the break between Thanksgiving and Christmas picking, we till, water, fertilize, and generally nuture the greens back to health for the next round of holiday dinners.  Don’t worry about the collards, they come back strong and there will be plenty for everyone!  It seems I’m wearing (gasp!) another plaid flannel shirt!  This is an official “Grandpa Shirt” that will eventually form part of the super-comfy-Grandpa-Shirt-quilt (just as soon as I learn how to quilt, Emilie…)

Me and Gramps in the greensHere’s a picture of me and Grandpa in the collard greens.  Notice the pretty rows to the left?   Hm, Grandpa is wearing the customary plaid flannel shirt, also.  Does that make him a lesbian as well?  I doubt it. [I promise to get over this flannel=lesbian thing soon…it’s just so funny to me!]  Please don’t notice my wide fanny….Really, it’s not that wide….I’m just hunched over the tiller, working hard….yeah, that’s it.  It’s the camera angle.  I’m actually svelt and ….oh, who am I kidding? Thanks, Evan, for taking a picture of my fanny….  

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Spam mystery du jour

I get a -lot- of spam, and I mean a lot, since my email is on the university website in about, oh, a kajillion places.  Fortunately, we have spam filters on our university accounts, but I still feel like it is important to scan the filter once in awhile and be sure that something important didn’t get caught in the net.

 Most of the spam is pretty straightforward, promising me enhancements of anatomy I don’t have or offering to sell me software at dirt-cheap prices or inside stock tips that are guaranteed to pay off big.  But today I’m stumped. 

What can it mean, this mystery spam?  What promises of instant fortune, happiness, and fulfillment can be gleaned from the title,  “Shower Dress Car-race Television Chocolates School Book“?

Is it like a fortune cookie, vague but pointed in its daily application of wisdom?

Is it a capsulated view of my life?  First, I shower, then I dress, then I race to work on my morning commute.  Once at work, I accomplish all the video and media tasks of the faculty, by mid-afternoon, I crave chocolate.  But it’s off to class for me, and then home where I hit the books before starting all over again.

That’s it!  I thought my life was revealed by the clutter of my bedside table, but apparently, it’s really not much more than spam.

Oh, dear…..

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